We exist so we can all be free from hunger. Together, we’re more than 1,300 local food bank centres across the UK, providing practical support for people facing hardship. But emergency food isn’t a long-term solution to hunger. People need food banks when they don’t have enough money for the essentials. It’s not right that anyone needs a food bank to get by, and we can change this by ensuring everyone has enough income to eat, stay warm and stay dry. That’s why we also work with communities across the UK to change the things that push people to need a food bank. We believe that in coming together, and working together, we will build a future where none of us need a food bank, because none of us will allow it.

Since 1974, Switchboard LGBT+ has been there to provide calm words when members of the LGBTQ+ community need it most.

In 2021 and as part of our continued support of Pride, we partnered with Daniel Quasar and Switchboard LGBT+ to create a twist on the nostalgic alphabet soup and help bring conversations around gender and inclusivity to the table.

NHS Charities Together is the national charity caring for the NHS, made up of 250 NHS charity members based with hospitals, mental health, ambulance and community health services across the UK.

As part of our commitment to supporting the NHS, all proceeds from Vindaloo Two, a track that we helped Will Mellor and friends re-release, will be going to NHS Charities Together.

Pride in London provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ communities, to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for freedoms that will allow everyone to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing.

It’s an organisation that we really believe in – and have partnered with to keep their wonderful volunteers well fed, and show love to the wider LGBT+ community.

A person is reported missing every 90 seconds in the UK. Missing People UK is the UK’s only charity dedicated to bringing home the 186,000 children and adults that go missing every year.

We partnered with Missing People UK to support their mission, enlisting our riders to help raise awareness of missing individuals – and play an even more important role in their local communities.

We’ll be working with Co-ops as part of their Food Share programme, which works to ensure that no unsold food is thrown away and that it reaches people in local communities who need it most, while also preventing food waste.

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, redistributing surplus food to more than 10,000 charities and community groups across the UK – and we’re proudly here to support them.

Our longstanding charity partner The Felix Project provides fresh, nutritious meals to the most vulnerable in our society – collecting and delivering surplus food to a wide range of charities and schools across the UK.

We’ll be working with The Felix Project to deliver surplus food from Co-op and Pret A Manger stores. The food will then be distributed directly to hundreds of charities, families and food banks.

Gift of Kit is passionate about the power of grassroots sport as a force for good. We’re partnering with them to provide free playing and training kit to over 2,000 teams, helping more people stay active and involved in communities across the UK.

The NSPCC aims to protect children and prevent child abuse and neglect. We’re partnering with them to offer some extra help.

Together we trained thousands of Deliveroo riders to recognise children at risk of neglect or abuse, and helped riders promote the NSPCC helpline, so they can act as a force for good while delivering to communities across the UK.

We at Deliveroo are proud to sponsor two of The Pret Foundation’s nightly charity runs, helping to deliver meals to frontline charities.

In support of the first commitment, Deliveroo and Pret A Manger will distribute around half a million meals. Overseen by The Pret Foundation, which was established over 25 years ago with the goal to help alleviate poverty, hunger and homelessness, Deliveroo has sponsored two of Foundation’s charity runs every single night for one year, helping to distribute these meals directly to frontline charities.

This newly sponsored charity run will continue to deliver freshly made unsold Pret products, including sandwiches, salads and baguettes, to charity partners such as St Mungos, Lookahead, Centrepoint, YMCA and many more.

Waitrose will support the Full Life initiative through its existing relationship with FareShare who it has been working directly with for the past four years. During this time Waitrose has donated the equivalent of over 4.5 million meals via FareShare from all of its shops to more than 850 charities.